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J Rice

This album was a long time coming. I stopped making original music and cover songs, so I could spend more time with my daughter in her early development years, and now I'm back making what I love to make most. I've set the album at $1 minimum, so everyone can access it, so if you're able to make any donation, it will be greatly appreciated! I'm ramping up my music video team again, and will need a budget asap to make the videos I envisioned when creating the songs. Thank you to all of you who have stood by me all these years, even when I disappeared!

I never liked being called by my legal name, Joshua, and only allowed my mom to call me that, lol.. So this album is me accepting my roots, flaws, and is an attempt to have a no-fear approach to creating music without boundaries, constraints of genre, or topics. You may not love every song on the album, and that's fine. I hope you'll find a song or two that resonates with you, and will stick around for the next round, because I'm just getting started!